Android XMLHttpRequest cookie not persisted with SDK 22

With my capacitor 3 Android project, upgrading min sdk from 21 to 22 seems to make my cookies (used to persist and send JWT tokens to the serveur through XMLHttpRequests) not persisted.

I tried to migrate the whole project to capacitor 4, but the issue remains : after a succesfull login, user is still considered unlogged (note that this works fine on a local npm run serve, on a deployed web server and on iOS, only Android causes issue).

I tried to edit my configuration file by adding

"plugins": {    "CapacitorCookies": {      "enabled": true    }  }


"server": {
		"iosScheme": "https",
		"androidScheme": "https",
		"hostname": ""

without any effect. Help would me much appreciated, everything worked fine with sdk 21 but Google Play does not allow publishing app with sdk < 22