Android Webview only with low resolution

Hi there,

setting up a Phaser Game with Capacitor, i was running in the first hurdle :slight_smile:

On the web, the game is displayed in 980x1824px viewport, devicePixelRatio 3, the large images used are nice,

with Android web view tested on physical device (Samsung S21) it is only 360x726, also devicePixelRatio 3 (?)

Is there a way to display in full size?

Pixel-Perfect UI in the WebView - Chrome Developers

In some cases, you may need to display content that isn’t designed for mobile devices–for example, if you’re displaying content you don’t control. In this case, you need to force the WebView to use a desktop-size viewport:

  • [setUseWideViewPort(true)]
  • [setLoadWithOverviewMode(true)]

If these methods are not set and no viewport is specified, the WebView will try and set the viewport width based on the content size.

Is this a possibility?

Or can i adjust WebSettings?

Thanks a lot, Fabian