Android release - Fatal error lintVitalRelease


When updating an app android, and after updating the sdk, get the following error:

[Fatal Error] :3:214: The value of attribute “name” associated with an element type “item” must not contain the ‘<’ character.
Could not read C:…\Sdk\platform-tools\api\ Could not parse XML from android/accounts/annotations.xml

What could be the problem? What should I change to be able to generate the release without error?



I found out that when using android platform tools version 26 wich is the target I am currently building for this error does not happen

If I update to platform tools version 28.03 wich is the latest this error does happen and the indicated xml file is indeed malformed … it has some < simbols instead of the entity name ‘&lt’; wich it is suposed to have, hence the error is thrown.