Android release build stuck issue

My android release build stuck for a 1.5-2 hours and then after my android build process get completes.Everytime it takes too much time for process of release buildScreenshot_1Screenshot_2

you need to update node modules to latest version. I was having the same issue with an app which i started developing last year with ionic v2, so i just created a new project with the latest cli, then copied latest versions of angular dependencies as well ionic app scripts and replace them in my package.json. After replacing, delete your node_modules and run npm install, when this commands finish running, make build and notice that build time will be enhanced

Hello @aghaaliabbas
Thanks for your response.i actually updated my node modules but still i have same issue of too much time in android release build.

Hello @brandyshea @mhartington ,
Please help me for this issue, i am facing this issue from a long time.

someone can please replay for possible solution