Android navigation is very slow when opening page for the first time in ionic 2

Android navigation is very slow when opening view for the first time in ionic 2
Menu animation flicks when opening the page for the first time after that when revisiting the same page , the menu closes smoothly.


There’s an open issue about it - I would suggest you to vote/comment there:

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We are facing the same issue , specially in the pages that contains multiple form inputs specially radio buttons … We would like ionic team to help us or give us an imagination when the issue will be fixed , We are currently using ionic version 2.0.0-beta.25

I would suggest you to subscribe for the issue on Github and follow the progress there - I guess that it will be updated when there’s progress on the task:

jgw96: So the eventual goal, which we are currently working on now, is taking advantage of Angular Universal to create an App Shell that will make Ionic 2 apps load lightening fast. From my testing with the excellent (but still a work in progress) Angular Mobile Toolkit, the first render with Angular Universal is so fast that you literally almost cant see the page load. So once we implement this, along with tree shaking in our build process to make apps smaller, you can expect to see much improved first render time. We care very much about time to first render performance, as its crucial on mobile (and even desktop), so we are working hard on this.

reported #6769

we used lazy loading concept in our application. After implementing this, our application starts within 5 secs from splash screen to login screen, so there is no issues in this. But inside our application, 1 page takes very slow to load at first time only. After that it loads very fast. we don’t know why it takes so much time to load at first time only.Kindly give some solution to fix this issue. We are using Ionic 4