Android M's permissions system

Hi guys, I was bit of afraid of it and now I am pretty sure. How does/will do Ionic deal with the new permission system introduced in Android M. I am asking, because I am building an application, targeting API 23 and I am using the ngCordova’s emailComposer plugin. When I call $cordovaEmailComposer.isAvailable() it is always saying, that EmailComposer is not available, as Accounts permissions belong to group, that need explicit user permission. So my request is for Ionic developer team mainly, to implement Android’s checkSelfPermission() and also requestPermission() methods as Google’s recommended practice is to call those two methods to request a permission from user. I do not think, that it to ask the user to go to settings, and allow this app to access accounts. This approach, imho, makes apps less trustworthy.
Correct me, if I am wrong about this. If this feature is already a part of this awesome framework, let me know, how I can use it.
Thank you.

Shouldn’t it be taken into account by cordova-android 5.0 release rather than Ionic?

So yes, Cordova Android has support forcheckSelfPermission() and also requestPermission() methods but it will probably take time before each plugin uses them. So in meantime, I guess the only solution is to target api 22.

Thanx for such a quick reply. I am not releasing the app in such a short time, I was just confused, why it doesn’t work, so after I found it, my first steps headed here. While developing, I don’t mid going into settings, so I will wait for that.