Android/iOS native local sqlite to ionic2 migration

Hi Team,

I am considering migrating my native Android and iOS apps over to ionic. Currently the version 1.8 of each native app on the PlayStore and AppStore have local sqlite databases and store photos to a private directory only accessible to the native app.
I have developed a REST API which will migrate all of the data from local sqlite datastore to a cloud based storage and local sqlite cache for offline viewing purposes.

Question: If I develop the ionic2 app using the native sqlite plugin, when the user downloads the version 2.0 of the app developed in ionic on either AppStore or PlayStore will the new ionic version have access to the previous private datastore and/or the previous sqlite database? I need to confirm access to the previous database so I can migrate all of the data to my cloud based platform.
In addition, when the user upgrades they will have the ability to upgrade from native 1.8 to ionic 2.0?

Thanks in advance.