Android http request fails for release, weird error

I have a weird bug - one of my views runs three independent http requests to retrieve data from the server.

this._service1.getData(this.data1).subscribe(result => {
        this._request1Finished = true;

this._service2.getData(this.data2).subscribe(result => {
        this._request2Finished = true;

this._service3.getData(this.data3).subscribe(result => {
        this._request3Finished = true;

This setup works well on 1) iOS release and 2) Android debug. However, when in Android release it does not do service3. Service3 can be slow at times and I bumped up LoadUrlTimeoutValue but didn’t help.

In the Android release scenario my server never logs the request from the app. In all others I see traffic. Any idea how to debug this?