Android "Go" button closes modal window

We have a form in a modal window. The first field is input type=“text”. When you type in there with and Android device you get the “go” button in the bottom right of the keyboard. Clicking on Go shuts the entire modal window. I tried to intercept by putting an ng-submit on the form that points to a validation function. I can see a flashing where it performs the validation but then the whole modal windows just disappears.

Anyone see this and have you come up with a workaround?

Hmm, interesting…
Can you make an example of this with codepen?

Does it have to be in a form at all? Ie could you use an Ng-click event which will then ignore the keyboard Go?

Here is a codepen. This reproduces on both IOS and Android - click in the title input, then click “GO” on the keyboard. The entire modal is dismissed.

So in you’re case, be cause we you using buttons inside you’re form, they were being executed. Changing them to a works fine

Ahah. That works. Thanks!