Android button click issue


I am having trouble with clicking Ionic buttons on an Android 7 tablet (Samung Galaxy Tab A). If you use your fingertip and press the button accurately, it works fine. The issue is when you either press a button with a flat finger, or if you ‘roll’ your finger on the screen slightly rather than a ‘jabbing’ motion. The button always gets focus as I can see the ripple effect happening, but the (click) event handler is not fired.

I’ve tried this on a Samsung Galaxy S8 (Android 8) and the button clicking is fine on that device, so I suspect the issue is either Android 7’s webview, or the screen of the Tab A. On an iPad or iPhone, it’s not an issue at all and you can click the buttons any way you want and it works every time.

Has anyone else had this trouble and is there a fix for it?

Thanks in advance for any help.