Android buid APK file with name is "CordovaApp.apk", instead of WIdget name


Ionic version we use: 1.2.8

We are building same project from 2 Development machine, both uses the updated version of ionic 1.2.8

one machine creates apk file with name config.xml > widget > name, while the other machine produces apk file with name “CordovaApp.apk”

we removed and added android platform on both computers but output is the same,

Confused, can anyone help us!


It is the issue in Cordova 4.0 version. Does your one machine has cordova 4.0 . To fix this in AndroidManifest.xml file change this android:name=“HelloCordova”.


Thanks you are right, the one generate “CordovaApp.apk” is having Cordova version 4


Is that mean, Ionic works only on Cordova version 3.~?


The problem has nothing to do with ionic. It is an issue in cordova. You can try the workaround till the official fix