Android Back-Button not like history.back()?

I’m using the current beta1 of ionic on an Android phone.
Now when I have something like this within my navigation:

  • start
  • newslist
  • search
    and navigate through these sites, e.g. like start --> search --> newslist --> start and then hit the android hardware back-button, shouldn’t I get all the way back from start --> newslist --> search --> start --> close app?
    As in my testings I always end with closing the app…

It “should” bet getting you back one history level at a time and THEN close.

If not, maybe comment on this issue :

Thanks! I commented on the issue at github.
I’m pretty sure this is not the correct handling of the back button, like Google recommends it:

I am having the same issues, for second order and third order navigation clicks the hardware back button works the way it should. When using a sidemenu and clicking the menuitems in a sequence, e.g. like: home->pets->search, the hardware back button will always exit the app.

I tried to fix the issue, but still no luck, anyone else fixed this issue?

The Ionic devs are on a big push with keyboard, lists, and performance issues. So, other issues are taking a back seat right now. They’ll be getting back to issues and re-opening ones that have new comments soon.