Android Assets Cache Issue

I experienced an issue of old states of an asset json file. I changed the content, but on the Android 7 tablet, the previous version was displayed. It’s a json for the translations. I checked it in my sources and apk. The json was present.

After reinstalling the app, the json was updated. So I think it’s a cache issue.
Are there any settings for this? e.g. disallow loading from cache.

I have to say that these json files are added to the www assets folder after the Ionic Cordova build.
Maybe this is the issue? Does Ionic or Cordova check the assets on build? There is a list of all files generated for no-cache? It’s not 100% reproducible. I can’t test it very well.
But anyway, if there is a setting to disable the cache, it should work.

Ionic 3 with Cordova-Android 8.