Android app reloads on resume instead showing last page

Hi everyone,

got a problem with the android version of an app.

When app resumes from background, it always shows a blank screen and then starts up with the home page. If I switch back to the app via the function, where you can browse all apps currently being in the background, (don’t know how it is called) it shows the last page visited before sending the app to background.

On iOS, the app opens with the last viewed page when tapping the app icon, which I would like to reproduce on Android, too.

I’m using phonegap build and already included the “AndroidLaunchMode” preference with “singleTask”, which was mentioned to solve the issue, but no effect.

Any idea what I may be missing?

Best regards

Found the problem: phonegap build. Don’t know what is causing the problem, but when I build the app locally, everything works fine. If I build the app via phonegap build, that strange “pseudo restart” happens.

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