Am I using Push Notifications from Ionic Push service or not?


During the last months I was only using the Ionic Push library to get the tokenId and upload to my server in Amazon AWS, where I send all push notifications using Amazon SNS, but I have a doubt: am I using any service from Ionic Push just because I’m using the library to get the tokenId, even without use the Ionic Push server to send my push notifications? I ask this because the Ionic Push library uses Phonegap-Plugin-Push, therefore, I believe I’m using only the library and not the services provided from Ionic Push, am I correctly?

It is very important to me to know this before I put my app in store and start to send a large amount of Push Notifications and be charged for Ionic Push service, as the pricing page, and it is not my objective, since I’m using Amazon SNS to send Push Notifications. I only want to use Ionic Push library way to get tokenId, as I’m doing in the following code:

ionicPush = new Ionic.Push({

	"pluginConfig": {

		"android": {
			"icon": "icon_notification_material", 
			"iconColor": "#252429" 

		"ios": {
			"badge": true,
			"sound": true

ionicPush.register(function(pushToken) {



And I also added GCM Sender ID as the tutorial:

ionic plugin add phonegap-plugin-push --variable SENDER_ID="GCM_PROJECT_NUMBER"

Thanks in advance


Hi, I’m wondering if you find a solution to solve this? And also if you can share the solution.