Alternatives of webSQL


I am currently developing an application using Ionic 5 and Angular, and I’ve encountered a specific challenge. The application requires offline functionality, so we’ve implemented a SQL database (Ionic Native’s SQLite). However, when conducting tests in the browser for development or issue resolution, I’m in need of an alternative since webSQL is deprecated in Chromium.

I’ve observed that the most popular option is IndexedDB, but I am concerned about the necessity to translate all SQL statements to this non-SQL technology. I would like to know if there is an alternative that allows me to continue using the SQL statements I already have when using the browser.

Thank you!

You can try PouchDB, the JavaScript Database that Syncs!.
It supports the following adapter to work with 'indexeddb' , 'idb' , 'leveldb' and if have running CouchDB instance you can automatically sync with it.