altDevApp - experimental customisable alternative to Ionic DevApp



out of curiosity and need for support to more plugins and console.log watching I tried to figure out how to make my own DevApp-app.

And it worked!

  • livereload
  • console.log checking
  • my own repository of plugins
  • storing list of frequently used client endpoints

Well, very experimental, that is… And very insecure as it whitelists all possible webresources to be included.

And no discovery and ionic account login supported (which I don’t need anyway)

Wanted to share this.

Ionic View public app id (plugins don’t work, but testing the link to the ionic serve does, includig livereload in ionic view!!): e120a881



Btw, there are some issues related to cordova.js. Still trying to figure out how the webview is best redirected to ionic serve and how to make up for possible missing cordova.js

In some cases the app does work (vibration on native android), some not (vibration on ios ionic view)

Need to plunge into the deep


Please use diyDevApp - alternative to DevApp - add custom plugins

Instead altDevApp