Alphabets index list issue

In my directory view alphabets index list it is fine in the portrait view but once we change into landscape
the layout should change.
pls help me @mhartington @ramon

Do you mind putting together a demo or codepen to show what you mean?

hi @mhartington & @ramon ,please once observe the iPhone contact list in portrait view and landscape mode .
in this portrait mode the index list A-Z shown and coming to landscape mode the index list like # A B . I J K . R S T . Z
because of height.
if click the dot(.) of after B first show C list again Click the same dot(.) it’s shows D list …etc
Similarly In my app needed this functionality but in my app portrait mode index-list working fine but comes to landscape mode the list shown A-M only(ie:A B C D E F G H I J K L M) but remaining list item not shown
pls give me suggestion to how to resolve this issue.
pls rly soon… :slight_smile:

@nchirra I think your problem is related to this topic:

I experienced a similar problem in a non-tabs project and I solve it removing this line of mi code:


Hi ramon, remaining functionality like displaying data and scroll of data all are working fine only problem is index list.i want set the index list when switch to landscape mode how is work in iphone like i needed in my app.