Allow BundleID not in the format of com.some.thing?

My app has been in the appstore for 8 years, and back then you could create a bundle identifier that was just “something” rather than com.some.thing

Capacitor is rejecting my Bundle ID, but technically my bundle_id is valid - shouldn’t this be a warning rather than an error?

 npx cap add ios
[error] Invalid App ID "something". Must be in Java package form with no dashes (ex:

Any ideas on workarounds? I can’t change my bundle_id in the appstore, so i need a way to get my id through capacitor!


create it with dots and then replace the value in the Xcode project

Ah yeah that’s what i’ve been doing! Just a bit of a faff every time you build and compile!

The value is never changed by Capacitor once you run npx cap add ios.
Unless you are deleting ios folder and running npx cap add ios every time you want to build.
We recommend committing ios folder instead of deleting and recreating it every time.

But if you still want to do that, I think you can use trapeze to change the bundle identifier programmatically with some script