Alert for user : there's an update


I would like to add an alert when the user does not have the latest version of the application on Android or iOS.

In the best of cases, this alert should also be able to force the user to update if its version is too old.

I found this plugin ( but I did not manage to make it work because it seems too old.

Do you have any ideas ? thank you in advance

Have you googled if it is possible to get the latest Version from Store natively? I think it is not possible, so what you can do is, if you use a Server, add a new Endpoint which returns a Version that you can set dynamicaly. On every App Startup you call the Endpoint, compare the Versions and then maybe show the Popup.

i have found two plugins for the managing app update

i hope it’s work for you.

Yes I did not find anything conclusive on google.

Indeed I can do it myself by recovering this kind of data but I want to make sure that there is no plugin or really complete technique which already exists which will be more optimized than what I would do myself

Thank you but the first plugin is dedicated to Android and the second one (if I’m not mistaken) is only used to recover the current version of the installed application and not the difference with the last update available on the store.

yes using second plugin you can compare new version and current version of the app. and alert user to update the app.