AJAX Requests simply won't work

Hey guys,
I’m trying to run some AJAX requests but they simply won’t work. They run just fine on the browser and on iOS Simulator, but whenever I try to run the app on an Android device the ajax requests won’t work and I’ll get no error message.

Whitelisting is just fine; CSP too. Does anyone knows what to do? :frowning:

Could you supply one of the Ajax requests that are not working?

All of them.
$http.get(‘http://myapi.com/users’).then(function() {
}, function() {

Just an example, wrote it just now. Works fine on the browser, the API is not on localhost and has CORS just fine. Won’t work on Android… there’s no error. The request simply won’t work

try this

It’s already whitelisted

What version on Ionic are you running?
What plugins are installed.