AJAX calls work on simulator and web, not on phone

I’ve recently upgraded from PhoneGap/Cordova to Capacitor, and cannot decipher why my app works everywhere but my phone.
I’m using jQuery Mobile and an ajax call.
npx cap server → via browser → works like a champ.
Android Studio emulator → works like a champ.
Once I get the app on my phone, it DOES NOT hit my webserver/API at all.
I’ve found references to server → allowNavigation, which I added to my capacitor.config.json file…
Any ideas would be highly and sincerely appreciated.

did you explore errors with chrome console?
What OS version of you phone?

Are you using strictly HTTPS endpoints? If not, does the problem persist even when you are?

Yes. I’m using a variable in Javascript with an https:// URL

No errors in Chrome. Everything works fine outside of the phone. Samsung Galaxy 10+ running Android 10.

I mean debug at device with Chrome Debugging - Ionic Documentation

I figured this out. This is the 1st time I’m using AppFlow and GitHub to build and deploy. I had a settings file .gitignore’d to test on different backends - so while everything was fine locally, once I got it off of my local machine the settings file never got copied over. Thanks for your help.