AIML-Interpreter Ionic 3 error

Hey there,

I’m developing an app (Ionic 3) with a chatbot using AIML. My project goal: The chatbot should ask questions and the user have to answer. That’s the plan. At the moment I’ve one big problem: There’s no working AIML-Interpreter.
I’ve tried to integrate a (npm) node.js module called “aiml-high” ( based on fs module.

A short descrition of my work:

I’ve installed the module with:
npm install aiml-high --save

Then I’ve imported the module in the chat.ts file with
import aimlHigh from 'aiml-high'

…and now the function:

 aimlinterprete() {

     var aimlHigh = require('aiml-high');
     var interpreter = new aimlHigh ({ name: 'Bot', age: '42' });
     var callback = function(answer, wildCardArray, input) {
       console.log(answer + ' | ' + wildCardArray + ' | ' + input);
     interpreter.findAnswer('What is your name?', callback);
     interpreter.findAnswer('My name is Ben.', callback);
     interpreter.findAnswer('What is my name?', callback);

After running the code with ionic serve there is always one error:
Runtime Error: fs.readFile is not a function

…so the error is in the interpreter.loadFiles(['anatest.aiml']); line…but I don’t know what to do now. I’ve tried two other modules simular to “aiml-high” and I got the same error.

Can anyone help me?

Best regards