Affect Enter Button on Sotfkey Keyboard with ion-input?

Hey there,
is there any way to affect the Button for “Enter” or “Go Next” with ion-input?

I run into a strange issue where one of my input-files do not have the necessary “Enter” key (the input is wrapped with an custom plugin ionic-tags -

I checked the DOM and all looks fine, the strange thing is, that it works in another template… only in this one thing not. Really strange.

Here some pics of the softkeyboard:

Enter Softkey --> That is fine:

Go Next Softkey --> Not needed, but happens anyway:

Does anybody has an idea? I did some research and never found an info about changing the softkey button, only event listeners. I could use them to prevent the go next, but looks a bit dirty to me.

Thank you so far.

WOW"! Holy Moly! This is ridiculous… but in a special way it makes sense.

I changed the sequence on inputs to make an enter key in the needed input.

When there is one more input field after this I get a next button, else I got the Enter-Button.

Issue is solved. Wow!!! Monday Sucks, but happy to found a solution. :smile: