Advertising Identifiers

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I need to implement a call for ads (not using AdMob, but another advertisement company) and they want to respect the Advertisement Identifier provided by all android devices (and there is some kind of similar thing on iOS devices as well). Now, I have been searching the internet for hours for any kind of information regarding this ID and I can’t find anything helpful. Does anybody have some experience and is able to get this Advertisement Id in their app?

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Does this ad company not provide an SDK? Pretty much all ad SDKs I’ve used already take care of getting the advertising identifier.

Sadly they don’t. It’s a specialised company (not very big).

Fair enough, it’s just that it seems difficult to find Cordova plugins that only return the advertising id, because it’s usually done by the ads sdk.

Found this for iOS: cordova-plugin-AppleAdvertising, but couldn’t find one for Android.

As a last resort, you could always write your own Cordova plugin that calls the Google Play Services API.

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thanks so much for finding this!
in the meantime i have found this one:
and will try it tomorrow.



Were you able to get GAID, using this ? Thanks for your time.