Ads in Ionic Website

Hey all,

I am creating a Website using Ionic 2, and I wanted to know if there is a way to add Ads for this Website.
I saw the AdmobPro usage, but it is only for Android and IOS platforms, and my goal is to run the Ionic2 app on a apache2 server like a simple Website.

I tried to create an Adsense property, but when the algorithm checks my Website, Adsense does not allow Ads for my website because it seems that it is difficult to navigate throw pages. (Maybe due to the Ionic navigation…)

Does anyone have ever tried to do this ?

Thank you for your help !


Nobody hosts Ionic2 website with ads ?


No experience with me nor admob. But won’t it be difficult to have tools scan the site, as it is a single page html object? I think with Ionic 4 coming, (webcomponents) I think you can move towards multiple page app.



Did Adsense specifically say that it isn’t able to traverse your site’s pages?