Admob work fine in test but Not in Real Admob

Hey All,

When I put a test AdMob Banner Ad and Interstitial Ad works as expected. (shown in the simulator and in the device).

when I put a real AdMob Banner and Interstitial Ad (real Ids of app an ads unit) it doesn’t show anything

  • I also add the payment section details in AdMob site
  • I don’t have any property isTesting: true in my code

I don’t really know what can be the issue.

can someone maybe know what can be the issue?

Thanks a lot

Hey @chenreuven!

Thanks for your response in medium! I will add this content but basically you need to be patient it usually take some time to feed your ads ID… Give me a shout in 24-48 hours and if still happening we will troubleshoot

Hey @kelpie278,
Thanks for your answer

i will wait 24-48 hr and update here :slight_smile:

  • i didnt know that i need to wait for real AdMob :slight_smile:


Hey @kelpie278, I still Dosnt see the admob in my app (pass more than 48 hr)

I build and deploy it in my android and still Dosnt see the real ad mob.

  • for admob with apid and adid that is testing from admob it work…

What can be the problem?


Hi @chenreuven,

Sorry for the delay,

Can you double check your app id is published and connected in admob?

Hey @kelpie278, sorry for the delay

yes its connected and the ids of admob banner and Interstitial ad and app id is correct.
More over when i try with testing ad mob id with sign APK its work on the device (the testing adMob).

something really wierd happen to me that when i sign the APK the Interstitial Ads work on the device BUT the Banner Id dosnt :frowning: [i double check the banner id and its correct :(]

i dont know, what i need to do? very strange…

  • i tried to generate new banner id and it also dosnt work…

what do you think?

thanks a lot

If you had android studio you should be able to see the problem on the console log, just make sure you have the catch on your code.