Admob Screen Flash on load

Hi guys,

I know this is a question about AdMob, but I think it’s specific to Ionic.

When the AdMob banner loads (currently I’m using bottom middle banner) my ionic view goes to a blank white view with the header visible just for a split second. Then my previous view comes back.

I’m currently using a setup similar to this:

It looks to me that when the banner loads and resizes the screen, that somehow a blank Ionic view pops to the surface for a split second. This could be something internal like a blank view that the contents of each ionic page get transposed to upon loading or something similar. It looks like this page isn’t normally visible, but for a split second on the screen resize it pops to surface.

Does anyone have any idea about this or how it might be fixed? I don’t have any blank pages in my app, and all my backgrounds are dark… so this mysterious page that flashes I have no idea where it’s coming from!

Thanks for any info… if needed maybe I can record a quick video of it flashing.


I am having same issue of screen flash of admob load.

Have you got any solution for this ?