Admob ionic Ads not showing

While working on a ionic project, i run npm install -g ionic@latest ,after that the app stopped showing ads, im using admob-free plugin in my app, now it is showing a black blank space at banner ads position, it was showing ads untill i upgrade ionic

sorry, its not related to ionic upgrade, even my play store app not showing ads

And what library are you using to show ads? Link?

admob-free plugin which is listed in ionic native site, i have been using it for last 6 months without any problem, but today after noon no ads is shown in any of my app, even the play store app which i didnt change, actually i had added reward video ad unit in my admob account today noon, even that was showing in my app, but i dont know what happend now ads are not showing

anyone have similar issue ?

Dude, this is like the 3rd post about your ad mob ads.
Stop spamming like this please…


why is this spamming?
It should be a vital interest of ionic, that somethings like admob is working without any hassle.
If it does not work, and it seems that more people, inculding me, have problems with admob, than developer looks for a other platform.

Have you a solution?

best regards, anna-liebt.

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I have tested my apps in android 7 version, its showing ads, but not in android 6.
recently i got email from google that We should update Admob SDK for receiving ads.

“Starting on 23 January 2018, we will no longer support Google Mobile Ads (GMA) SDK versions lower than 7.0.0 for Android”

see this link

but my apps stopped showing ads today

If I serve my app on Ionic DevApp the ads appear (real ads, not test ads) but when I deploy it to the production, the ads just don’t appear :expressionless:
I don’t get any errors what so ever :confused:

@rashnk @Sujan12 @felix9607 IS this issue being addressed cannot find a clear cut answer about this anywhere. Blank space no ads are showing

i think the developer needs to be notified by more that a user about this problem in order to take this in consideration

i am getting this error in xcode

"You are currently using version 7.26.0 of the SDK. Please consider updating your SDK to the most recent SDK version to get the latest features and bug fixes. The latest SDK can be downloaded from A full list of release notes is available at"

did you find any solution i am getting same problem after updating ionic

same problem for me any solution

no did you find any solution ?

yes i got little solution

what solution can u tell me

Find “” file in your android platform and replace your banner etc id.

Replace your Ads Id here

set is testing false

this work for me

Same Problem here. I don’t know why, In DevApp test and live ad show but not in real app. :frowning: