Adding variables to ionic-deeplinks-plugin using NPM


I’m currently implementing deeplinks into our app using Simon Grimm’s wonderful tutorial. However, I’m having trouble setting theURL_SCHEME, DEEPLINK_SCHEME, and DEEPLINK_HOST. The tutorial recommends adding via cordova cli, but our project is using capacitor.

When I try to run npm i ionic-deeplinks-plugin --variable URL_SCHEME={scheme} --variable DEEPLINK_SCHEME=https --variable DEEPLINK_HOST={host}, I get the following npm error:

npm ERR! Invalid tag name "URL_SCHEME={scheme}": Tags may not have any characters that encodeURIComponent encodes.

I have tried updating npm to most recent (7.5.3), and still receive this error. Is there another way to set these variables using npm? Or, failing that, can I set these variables manually elsewhere?


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So it turns out Capacitor does not support CLI config variables.

Our solution to this problem was to use Capacitor Deeplinks, which is considerably simpler than Cordova.

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