Adding non native cordova plugin to ionic 2 project stop working

In July I created an ionic 2 project and added this plugin:
by this way:

cordova plugin add
and in the page ts file I put:
declare var esptouchPlugin;
and used the plugin like this:
esptouchPlugin.smartConfig(“someSSID”,“b2:05:2f:92”,“somepass”,“YES”,1, function(res) {
console.log(error) ;

everything worked just fine but I than upgrade my ionic 2 and created a new project and the same steps produced this error:

Runtime Error
Error in ./HelloIonicPage class HelloIonicPage - caused by: esptouchPlugin is not defined

What am I missing here? what changed? Do I use a non native plugin correctly?

same problem i am running through, can anyone help?

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Hey did you got in ionic 1?

I’m trying add to ESPTouch “” to my app, Getting same error. Do you figured out how to make this work ?