Adding an eventListener inside ionic

Hey Guys,
first off all: I’m totaly new to ionic. Before i started with ionic and angular i only used jQuery so that all is a bit difficult for me right now.

I created an application for iOS which has a side menu. So now i have a button inside my application which toggles the side menu. As far as i understood the documentation, there is a possibilty to check, whether the menu is opened right now or closed right now.$ionicSideMenuDelegate/

I tried so much but i’m not able to figure out, how to detect the actual state via Javascript. I need a function, which i can call everywhere in my code which checks whether it is opened or closed. Can someone give me a hint or help me how to do this?

Thanks in advance!

I made you a working example:

  }, 1000);

Open a console before you run this code.

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Gajotres, thank you so much.

console.log($ionicSideMenuDelegate.isOpen()); was all i needed!

You’re wellcome :smile: