Add Customize animation to ion-router-outlet

Hello , i want to know if it possible to create my own animation between page with ion-router-outlet ?

In the documentation ( ) , there is a animation property that can be a AnimationBuilder ( which one ? ionic/core or angular/animation ) but i the source code ( see here : ) there is no animation property

i would like to modify the animation of both β€œios” and β€œmd” mode to make them slower

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It is also actual for me. Default animation is not good for PWA, I need FadeIn/FadeOut, or something like this.

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Facing the same problem here, the documentation on ion-router-outlet custom animations is pretty vague to say the least and if the ion-router-outlet is capable of processing custom animations, this is like a big topic and it should be documented


Angular Firebase Route Animations

I have been following this guy for a while now, check out his channel

Did that work for you?