Add common ion-toolbar below ion-tabs


We are currently developing a radio streaming app in Ionic v2. The app consists of 3 tabs (radios, favourites and info).

Now, we would like to have a radio player at the bottom of the screen, which should be visible on all 3 tabs.
To achieve this, we thought of using an ion-toobar which will be placed at the bottom of each page (like a footer).
Unfortunately, there is one problem: in ionic 2, we can only add an ion-toolbar inside a particular tab. This is not what we want, because if we do this, the radio player will be reloaded on every tab switch (playing music will be interrupted…).

We want to have a common bottom toolbar for all tabs, which will not be reloaded on every tab switch.

Can you please tell us how we can achieve this in Ionic 2

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,