Add border to all buttons after v1.2.0

In ionic 1.2.0 the border of buttons was removed. This was done by setting border-color always to to transparent in _mixins.scss (see commit 21e54be).
Is there any way the border can be added again, without modifying this sass file (because it could be overwritten by an update)?
I thought about copying the mixin into my own style file, but this didn’t work (probably because I can’t overwrite the mixin between the first definition and the first use). Another way would be to overwrite the border-color attribute for all button styles that I use, but I thought there must be an easier way.

Are there any news?

I’m facing the same problem, but unfortunately not even the border-color overwriting is working for me.

There seems to be no general solution.
But it works if you set the border-color manually with some code like this:

.bar-stable .button {
     border-color: #b2b2b2;

To find the correct colour have a look at lib/ionic/scss/_variables.scss. There are lines like $button-stable-border and then a color. If you use SASS you can use these variables, otherwise you can copy the color codes.

Hello, I have the same problem after upgrading my ionic libs the borders disapeared on my buttons! did you ever found a solution?