Adapt header title to show all text


I’m facing this problem:

Is there a way to make the title text smaller if is so larger that exceeds the header space?


You could use ng-fit-text, which is pretty simple.

It lets you specify by how much to shrink the font size and the min/max font-size



My app has all the structure of the side menu template in that case where I have to put this directive? In the ion-nav-bar?


Hey sorry about that, I thought I pressed replay!
Ahh, alright
hmmm, not to sure about that since the title is dynamically generated.
I’ll ping the devs and ask them what they think


Hmm, doesn’t seem like this will be possible as of now.

But fear not, there is another solution!

Viewport units can be used instead,


Thanks @mhartington I can play with it!! I didn’t know about it!