Actionsheet is hidden when called from modal


I have logout button in modal that opens actionsheet to confirm logout, I see actionsheet is injected (I also see animated backdrop) but no visible actionsheet and his parent div is height=0 so its impossible to action-sheet div to be positioned at bottom=0, so its basically hidden at the top of all visible content.


Sorry, forgot to say that I upgraded to v0.9.23 but downgraded to v0.9.22 (due ng-click issues) and the problem perceive with actionsheet

Hey would mind posting an example Codepen or Plunkr of your code? It’ll be easier for us to test out.

If it helps, here’s an example of calling an Actionsheet from a Modal:

Although it could be device dependent. What device are you experiencing this issue on?

Hey Tim, thanks for droping an eye on this, I will check your example and see if I’m doind something wrong. its on ios

Hey Tim, I overwrite again entire 0.9.23 library, and I guess it was some css cache issue because now its working fine :smile: Thanks!