Action Sheets not very complete

I would like to use the Ionic Action Sheets effect, however it is not very flexible (only supports buttons)!

I’d like to expose generic information with this effect of raising a Action Sheets from below.

I think Ionic 2 does not have a component yet. Hence my need to run the ui.boostrap!

But I can not use it right.

How can I import into the app.module.ts the boostrap library?

Is it healthy to use Bootstrap UI in Ionic projects?

Is it more advisable to have more interface flexibility?

Thank you in advance.

Depends what you think a action sheet should be for…

Per definition an action sheet is a list of actions you can trigger for the current view/page.
So a list of buttons fulfils the definition of an action sheet.

i think what you need is a modal to show generic and additional information for the current view/page.

i would not use ng-bootstrap, because it is not really stable and it lacks of mobile support, yet.

If you need to slide up some information --> build a custom component for that, which animates an absolute positioned div in and out