Accordion by default all expand

how do i expand all item in accordion is active

i am using below code

    <div ng-repeat="group in groups">
      <ion-item class="item-stable"
                ng-class="{active: isGroupShown(group)}">
          <i class="icon" ng-class="isGroupShown(group) ? 'ion-minus' : 'ion-plus'"></i>
        Group {{}}
      <ion-item class="item-accordion"
                ng-repeat="item in group.items"



$scope.toggleGroup = function(group) { = !;
$scope.isGroupShown = function(group) {

from reference

i want to active by default all accordion list item. please help me how do they do it?

Not sure if i understand you correctly. You want to expand all accordions on initial view? Then just change your key “show” to true in your controller.

Updated Pen:

Thank you so much buddy .