Access SD card root directory with Ionic

Hi all ! Could anyone suggest please … is it possible in Ionic save data to SD card root directory ? I am using native method File.externalRootDirectory, instead of the root directory of the Sd card, I’m getting the root directory of the internal phone storage.

Try adding these lines in config.xml preferences:

<preference name="AndroidPersistentFileLocation" value="Compatibility" /> <preference name="iosPersistentFileLocation" value="Compatibility" /> <preference name="AndroidExtraFilesystems" value="files,files-external,documents,sdcard,cache,cache-external,assets,root" /> <preference name="iosExtraFilesystems" value="library,library-nosync,documents,documents-nosync,cache,bundle,root" />

akshukla07, thanks, I will try.

akshukla07, it dose not working …

I was also stuck with a similar issue earlier. I solved it by manually asking for permission to access external storage with the help of diagnostics plugin during runtime.

akshukla07, thanks…

Hi there!
Works it for you? Have you found a solutuin?