Access IOS Library folder on Ionic Native File Plugin

I am using the file plugin to create a list of songs on the user device.

I cant find a way to read the Library folder on IOS.

My code right now is:

    let fileSystem = 'Library';
    this.file.listDir(fileSystem, '').then(list => => console.log(;

The docs im reading are this:

None of the options on the docs explain how to get the root folder.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure if that filesystem name is case-sensitive or not, but in the plugin source, it’s “library”. If by “the root folder” you mean something containing files belonging to other apps, I would be surprised if that were possible. iOS is pretty severe about sandboxing filesystem access.

Thanks for your reply @rapropos, I already try both ways. library and Lybrary. None worked.
I just want access to the IOS music library. Do you think that is possible?