Accents and other UTF-8 chars not appearing on $ionicPopup

Using a fresh installation of Ionic when i launch a popup some characters are missing, but in the rest of the app everything is normal.


As you can see its showing a black diamond and not the expected text, in this case an ‘ó’ and ‘ñ’
BUT lower you can see the text “contraseña” and showing the ‘ñ’ properly

In my head tag i already have meta charset=“utf-8” and still not working

Thanks for your time

Use bind-html in the element where you are binding the content, so it will fix it !

OK but this will work only if the template file is actually encoded in utf-8.

As you said, i wasnt saving my files on utf-8. Just saved them that way and it works. Thanks

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@Archer3CL, @gmarziou, i am facing same problem as @Archer3CL did. I am using notepad++ and atom as editor. Notepad++ shows me my file is utf-8 encoded but the application still not utf-8 enabled!!