(a11y) External keyboard: cannot navigate using arrow keys on iOS

I’m trying to make my app more accessible and am therefore currently testing it using an external bluetooth keyboard.

While navigating through the app using the keyboard works just fine on Android, it doesn’t seem possible to navigate the app properly on iOS.
I use tabs at the bottom of my app. When I tab through my app, I can only tab through the bottom tabs, but not the actual content of my app. Hitting enter selects the currently highlighted tab (and shows the content associated with the tab) but the focus does not switch to the content of the tab, nor am I able to move the focus to the content using the arrow keys. In fact, the arrow keys don’t seem to work at all with the app, nothing happens when I press them.
I’m a bit at a loss as to what could be the issue here.

I’m using Ionic 6, Capacitor 4 and Vue 3.
I tried using the keyboard with and without Voice Over, both with Full Keyboard Access turned on and off.