A traditional way of launching an app

Dear All,
I am new to IonicFramework and trying my best to find out whether or not we can get everything related to a general app from ionicframework. Generally speaking, when an applicaiton launches then first of all, it should show splash screen then instruction screens and then the app with a side menu or tabbed page (usually). Could anyone please provide a sample or a link to a sample or explain how to address following common issues of a mobile app.

1- Splash screen with full view. no status bar. 100% screen. then some contents on the bottom or top of splash screen. For instance, I don’t want to put all the artistic work in the middle of image of 2208x2208.
2- after splash, immediately display instruction screens. (let’s assume to manage “on first launch only” logic with storage API)
3- after skipping or finishing instruction screen, show the application with side menu.
4- in case of android, the sidemenu must start from to left corner (0,0) not below the status bar…

Dear seniors, please share your experience to cope with the above issues.


I recommend looking at the conference app.

a lots of love for you Robert Coie. You have shared a great aid. I am sure that this sample app answers all the questions. I will look into it deeply. I strongly recommend this app to all new comers to ionic and professional developers to get benefit from it.
Thanks again!

Dear All,

I have deeply analyzed the conference app. It is really a great app to understand ionic. But this app does not address all basic issues. When we launch conference app on android phones, the splash screen does not hide the status bar.
Can we make splash screen for 100% screen?
Can make a side menu in such a way that status bar should overlap the side menu. just like in play store???

dear seniors please share your experience. is it really possible to do it with ionic?

As far as your side menu question goes, I’d look at:

Have you ever see an application which does that? Most probably no

at least in my phone, almost all the apps have same functionality. Either the status bar is hidden on splash screen or it has a different color according to app but not black. just for reference, please check todoist app.

i am just looking for answers to the following questions
can we hide status bar when application loads?
when we are in the app, can we make status bar transparent so that the contents of pages should be visible in status bar while scrolling?

i am not interest for ionic2-super-bar kind of solutions. can anyone help please?

Have you tried setting
<preference name="Fullscreen" value="true" />

In your config.xml? Not sure if it works myself, but it’s supposed to hide the statusbar. Then presumably you just show it on start-up.

it works when the application is fully loaded… i want to hide it on splash screen. and second thing is to keep status bar transparent so i can see content of any page through status bar while scrolling.

Maybe it’s not the same on each Android phone, but I tested again on my Nexus 5X many apps (Airbnb, Yelp, etc.) the status bar (or at least the bar with the notification, time, 4G/LTE etc.) is always displayed

Here screenshot of the Kayak app at boot time.

So I stil think that the status bar on Android phone will be displayed for each apps

Thanks for sharing:grinning: