A simple list of images?

How to create a list of the screenshot?

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Just a guess, but try making a list of div objects and set the images as the background images of those divs. You’ll have to play with the CSS to make the text white…

Pseudo code -

        <div background-image="{{image}}">

I’ve created a very ugly, but basically functional, example right here!

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that no-repeat command is exemplary code! :smile:

and yeah, the @aspire​89 will have to find the right sized images for this…

Well, as I said basic :smiley:. But yeah the image size would need to be adjusted. I’d probably use a few different resolutions to make sure they look sharp on high-res and low-res screens.

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This was helpful! Thanks!

hello all , am making one project in ionic in which task is taking picture through camera or choose image from list of images (in horizontal scroll bar list ) and send it to server …so here am facing one problem is how can i show on page that choose image from list…solution to choose image from list please
thanks in advance …you can see my below link for excepted output