A book for kids


I’ve published an app. It’s a picture story book for young children - a bit more functionality than the paper version from the 80s, but not much. The intention is to include translations and other features,but maybe later. This is a hobby project for me so I haven’t paid apple to put it on the app store, but you can try the android version if you like.


I might carry on developing and improving the audio etc. in future versions and books.


It would be interesting for me to see an improved version with the audio in the future.

Great job!


is too much! :open_mouth:

Thanks. I’ll keep practicing the guitar :slight_smile:

Improvements will come but not quickly alas!


It’s a self contained app with 20+ hi res images for tablets, and maybe half an hour of audio. I didn’t think it was
too big compared to other things I’ve downloaded, but I take your point. Not for mobile download!