404 calling JSON API Wordpress

Hello there.

Right now I’m learning how to code on Ionic 2 and start to make my own app to be a client app to my blog (just for experiment)
I read the JSON Tutorial in here and run it on the web browser using ionic serve

Works fine with my JSON from this link using a proxy setting on ionic-config.json

But, when I’m trying to deploy to my android phone, the proxy not working… Then I’m change the link to bypass the proxy. But no luck, still not working and It says 404 Not Found…

How can I solve this ? Any help apriciated :smiley:

I don’t know. It’s working right now. It can be load data from my api :smiley:

Do you allow Access-Control-Allow-Origin??
If don’t allow Access-Control-Allow-Origin, error response code returned.


Yes I did… and that works :smiley: