3rd party directive not working within Ionic tab component


Hey there,

First off I am really impressed with your framework so far.

But I have been scratching my head for a few days trying to get a 3rd party directive to work within an Ionic tab component.

The directive I’m trying to use is an activity indicator: (angular-round-progress-directive) https://github.com/angular-directives/angular-round-progress-directive.

The component replaces the source markup with a canvas element and then paints a round progress indicator on the canvas

I can get it to work on a ‘naked’ page but when I try to embed it in an Ionic tab it fails to work. The canvas element renders but fails to paint the graphics on the canvas.

I created a demo project to demonstrate the issue. If you have time you might check it out @:

thanks again,


I’m having same issue. Did you manage to solve this issue?


I moved on for now I’m afraid


Hi Sean! I have the same problem. I got it to work within tabs, but not within a slidebox!
Did you find a solution for the problem already?