3D touch error - any examples

Hi all,

I want to implement 3D touch on my application, however when going to the native docs for it https://ionicframework.com/docs/v2/native/3d-touch/ and copy the code into my project I can many errors. I have install the plugin successfully as well.

The code is

import { ThreeDeeTouch, ThreeDeeTouchQuickAction, ThreeDeeTouchForceTouch } from '@ionic-native/three-dee-touch';

constructor(private threeDeeTouch: ThreeDeeTouch) { }

this.threeDeeTouch.isAvailable().then(isAvailable => console.log("3D Touch available? " + isAvailable));

    (data: ThreeDeeTouchForceTouch) => {
      console.log("Force touch %" + data.force);
      console.log("Force touch timestamp: " + data.timestamp);
      console.log("Force touch x: " + data.x);
      console.log("Force touch y: " + data.y);

let actions: Array<ThreeDeeTouchQuickAction> = [
    type: 'checkin',
    title: 'Check in',
    subtitle: 'Quickly check in',
    iconType: 'Compose'
    type: 'share',
    title: 'Share',
    subtitle: 'Share like you care',
    iconType: 'Share'
    type: 'search',
    title: 'Search',
    iconType: 'Search'
    title: 'Show favorites',
    iconTemplate: 'HeartTemplate'


 (payload) => {
   // returns an object that is the button you presed
   console.log('Pressed the ${payload.title} button')


The issue that i get is Unexpected token. A constructor, method, accessor, or property was expected.

Also is there a specific place this code should go since its accessible from the devices home screen? If anyone has used it before it would be great help.

same here, must be missing something…

Well, what error are you getting exactly? Caused by what code?

Put your code inside a lifecycle event
ionViewDidLoad() {
// Your 3d touch related code