2 different sidemenu


how to create 2 different sidemenu and navigate between them juste like the pictures


Have you seen this answer on stackoverflow?

p.s.: j’aime bien le design des tes screenshots, sobre :+1:


merci Richard
moi je veux mettre les 2 menu du meme coté comme je peux faire des navigation dans mon menu


I think you could still follow the path displayed in the stackoverflow issue, maybe just playing with `this.menu.enable(true/false, ‘menu1/menu2’) and this.menu.open or close (something like that) may do the tricks?

If it doesn’t work, you may have to do a custom development I think…what you want to achieve is like a submenu in a menu which actually take the all space of the calling menu…as far as I know that’s not the default behavior, but maybe someone have a better idea?


Love the style… Dou you have that css in github?


tkx a lot richard i did the same code but in the same side and i opoen the second one without clousing the first one

  • openMenu(evt) {
    if(evt === “main”){
    this.menu.enable(true, ‘menu1’);
    this.menu.enable(true, ‘menu2’);



sorry it’s something that i create with Photoshop it’s not coded yet